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Welcome to! The best and easist way to get a free minecraft server and host. Play with up to 4 friends, with cheap upgrades for even more minecraft fun!

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We have fixed the hosting problems. You can now play on your server again!
We are looking for some PHP devs, Frontend devs, and other staff! Please email if you are interested!
The new contest is whoever can get to 50 posts first on the forum (They have to be good posts)! Cya on the forums!


Major Update Coming Soon!

There is a major overhaul coming very soon! We are working on completly revamping the backend of the code, so things will be a lot better for you! We are also adding some new features you all have wanted, and have changed some current features to make them better! In the days leading up to this update, we will not be on the forums, or responding to any tickets, as we will be focused on the update, but after the update, we will be back, and better than ever! This overhaul will be out August 1st, and we will be adding major features the whole month of August! See you then!
July 16, 2013