Contests (FREE UPGRADES), and More Upgrades!

If you have not seen yet, there is a new item on the navigation bar, Contests!  Check that page out, as you can win free upgrades for your free minecraft server!  There are currently three contests going on.  They are very easy, Write a review on MinecraftForum, Tweet at us, or Share one of our Facebook posts!  These contests reset ever 2 weeks, so you can enter every 2 weeks to try and win free upgrades for your free minecraft server!  Have fun winning free upgrades!

Now for the upgrades that have been added! You can find all the upgrades at the upgrades link in the naviagation bar.  We had plugins and offline mode before, but we added 2 more!

Change MOTD - Change your Message of the Day!  Currently it is "{username}'s server".  With this upgrade, you can change it to whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want, for one cost forever!  Make your MOTD on your Free Minecraft Server anything you want!

Always Start - If you have ever gotten the error that there are no slots open to start your Free Minecraft Server, then this is the upgrade for you! This will allow you to start your server always, whenever you want, even if the normal slots are full. When you buy this, there will be no indication that you have bought it, but you will never not be able to start your Free Minecraft Server from FreeMCServer because the slots are full again!

Have fun with the contests winning your free upgrades, and check out the awesome new upgrades that have been added!  There will be a lot more stuff added soon, so stay tuned!

Have fun on your Free Minecraft Server from FreeMCServer!

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More Upgrades, Things Work! July 5th

It has been a long time since the last update for FreeMCServer, the best place your free minecraft server and hosting needs, but this one is a big update!  It has many bug fixes, along with a few features being added!

Now on to the changelog, what exactly what fixed and updated!


  • You can now invite other users to your server!
  • You can remove all bans from a link in your user panel!
  • More Minecraft Server versions were added, this includes up to Minecraft version 1.7.9, so you can play on the latest version of Minecraft on your free server!
  • Plugins!  You can finally buy plugins for your server! Plugins are a one time fee, and they will stay on your server forever!  Just head over to the store and you can pick up plugins for your server!  We currently have an assortment of popular plugins for your server, and every week, we will be having a poll to add new plugins.  You can always suggest more plugins to be added to the poll in the forums!  When you buy a plugin, you will be able to switch plugins as much as you want, you are only limited by your server size and how many plugins you have!  Check out the plugins we currently have!

We hope you enjoy this large update, and we wil be pushing out new stuff weekly, either a new plugin that you can add to your server, or a new upgrade, or new free features, to make your free minecraft server hosting on FreeMCServer as good as possible!

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Store is Released!

We have finally released a store for your Free Minecraft Server!

You will find this at the link on the navigation bar.  Currently it links straight to offline mode upgrade, but soon, there will be more upgrades added!  We are aiming for one upgrade per week for your free minecraft server.

Upgrades are completely optional, as you will never have to upgrade to keep or use your free minecraft server, only if you want to help out FreeMCServer and want a little extra with your server.  Some upgrades will be monthly, but others will be a one time buy, such as this offline mode upgrade.  They will be on your account forever!

Upgrades planned for the future:

  • Plugins
  • Upload Maps
  • Download Maps
  • 24/7
  • Extra Players
  • Change MOTD
  • Mod Packs

We hope you are as excited as we are, and have fun playing on your free minecraft server!

As a note, IP's have been changed, so make sure to change them in your Minecraft client.

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Update- November 10th

As you might have noticed, when you try to start your server, all you get is a blank screen! This is a big problem, that we are currently aware of, and we are doing our best to fix it. This problem should be fixed today, so you will be able to play on your free Minecraft server before the weekend is over!

Many of you are waiting for the upgrade store, and there is some good news about that! It is coming along very nicely, and should be up and running very soon! We are getting the other features you want, such as the OP button and the unBan all button, ready to go very soon as well! This is exciting news, and we hope all of you enjoy your minecraft server, and continue to have fun for a long time in the future!


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Update- August 26th

It has been a long time since a blog post, so I thought it would be a good time for an update!  There has not been a blog post as we are hard at work on the site. We are currently working on the upgrade store, and OP from the website. These features are almost done, and they will be released very soon. The upgrade store that is being released soon is going to be Version 1.0. We are already working on Version 2.0, which will contain a cart, along with a few other features to make the upgrade process easy! The OP from the website will also be out soon. If you have gotten un-OPed, you only have to wait a short time, and you can re-OP yourself! We are very excited for these updates, and we know you will like them!

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